Escape From Paris Earrings
Escape From Paris

Escape From Paris Earrings

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Knotted Gunmetal Mesh Earring with Dangles.
Escape From Paris. Urban Chic, Classic Edge, Timeless Beauty.
Since 2001 Escape from Paris has been considering a woman's desire for style and value.
Dominique travels the world in search of the latest trends adding her urban chic vision to create eclectic collections. Her goal is to offer women a youthful, elegant, minimalist look that allows freedom of movement, of choice as she is not too concerned with trends wanting to remain true to her vision and Parisian style.

Hand Crafted

Materials are 100% recyclable - made
from vegetable based products and
certified sustainable polymers
Packaged in 100% recycled paper
Silicone-free, latex-free, nickel-free

Country of Origin: U.S